The main attractions are the events, arts, and culture, and the store is one of the places, to buy collectibles, T-shirts, posters, postcards from the main three Vancouver Museum attractions, Model Ships, Sport Fishing and Model Trains museums. This island has many places to enjoy, refresh, visit and explore, also, it has places and art which show us British Colombia. It was the place many artists and many arts lived, it also has food and drinks of various cultures that will help you choose the food you want and it has history and historical architecture which is to be conserved. On the other hand, Granville Island is a great example for North America’s urban redevelopment projects because it is one of Vancouver’s transformed historic districts as it transformed from a disused industrial island to one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions. Also, this island is across False Creek between City Center and Yale town. Technically, it is not an island as it is connected to the mainland but, it is peninsula with water surrounding it on all the four sides, and to know more, go visit the Granville Island.

Granville Island is one of those places, which people must watch at least once in their lifetime.


What you find here?

There are many world-class attractions here in Granville Island, Vancouver but, the main four are Granville Island Model Ship Museum, Granville Island Sport Fishing Museum, Granville Island Model Trains Museum and Granville Island Museum Store. Not only that, there are many galleries which keep the people reminded of the great artists and the art they made. In Vancouver, these are those places which if you ignore or didn’t see this, then, that implies you didn’t see anything. But, first, let’s discuss, the main places which are mandatory to finish a trip to Granville Island.


Model Ship Museum

Model Ship Museum has an extraordinary international exhibition which had toy boats, submarines, and battleships. Models of all those submarines and battleships were made, and the most attracting fact is that these are the models of the ships, boats, submarines, etc. which were used in the history of Granville Island, Vancouver or Canada. These large-scale models of warships, submarines, sailing vessels, and various coastal boats are kept and maintained there in the Model Ship museum. The main showpiece or eye-catching attraction of the Granville Island Model Ships Museum is a 13-foot long cast bronze replica of the HMS Hood. HMS Hood is nothing but, an admiral class battle cruiser cum aircraft carrier, which was built for the Royal Navy, was commissioned in 1920 and was named after the 18th century Admiral Samuel Hood. Models made here are mostly a detailed and exact replica of the ships referred to. Another interesting fact is that the replica of the HMS Hood, was made by an HMS crew member, Rodney Henriksen and it took him 20 years to complete the model. This detailed making of the models has made this museum as one of the most important museums of Granville Island and Canada.


Sport Fishing Museum

Sport fishing museum has one of the largest exhibitions about sport fishing where they exhibit the equipment used for sport fishing and the knowledge that sport fishing history gave us. They have a collection of Hardy Reels, Rare Art, Fly Plates, Salmon Fishing History, etc. and this collection is very rare because it truly is one of a kind, meaningful because of the growth in that particular field and is passionately collected. The main reason for collecting is hoping that the future generations would understand the growth and development, done by us and our ancestors, and use anything that is useful to them in the future. And about fishing, it was just capturing or catching fishes, then, it became a competition of who catches more fishes, which has now led us to this situation, where it became a sport. The salmon fishing history is very important, not only to people who sport fish, it is for people who fish. The Pacific Northwest is popular for its salmon population, but, the human overfishing and environmental changes like environmental degradation, climate change, and habitat loss caused a situation where six out of eight subtypes of salmon are listed as endangered. So, this history will help the people in the future to know what not to do.

About Granville Island Museum

Granville Island Museum is a place which transformed from a disused Industrial Island to the world attraction it has become today which makes it, a great example of the urban redevelopment. We believe in conserving and exhibiting stuff so that people of the future generations can see, study, understand and learn from the success, failures, mistakes, and techniques which were used by us and our ancestors. This museum helps people to explore and understand the history of British Colombia especially, the history of one of Vancouver’s historic districts, Granville Island.