Top Museums in Granville Island

Granville Island is one of those places where there are many places to visit and museums, is one of those spots. Museums are places collecting art or cultural remains or works of the ancestors who resided in that place. There are many museums in this Canadian island. We’ve already seen many, so, apart from those museums, these are important.

Vancouver Maritime Museum

Vancouver Maritime Museum is the museum that celebrates the significance of the water bodies, near the museum and those water bodies include the ocean and the waterways of the Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean.

Museum of Vancouver

Museum of Vancouver is the museum which is all about Vancouver, and which connects the people to the city and the city to the world.

Eagle Spirit Gallery

Eagle Spirit Gallery is an art gallery which has the Haida artworks of Robert Davidson who is an internationally renowned Haida artist.

The Charles H. Scott Gallery

The Charles H. Scott Gallery is as its name clearly implies, it is an art gallery which has the artworks of the late artist, Charles H. Scott, who is believed to be the forgotten part of Vancouver’s art history.

Karen Cooper Gallery

Karen Cooper Gallery is a photo gallery of the photographer, Karen Cooper, who has shown us British Colombia, by taking the finest photographs.